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How to get to St. Tropez

From further afield

Saint Tropez is not the easiest destination to reach from foreign destinations. It is not difficult but you can often forget that Saint Tropez is just a tiny fishing port, its big reputation can mean that people expect a larger resort. So it may come as a surprise to learn that it is not serviced by a rail link nor does it have its own motorway exit. However it is not too far from Nice airport and whatever effort it takes to get there is well worth it.

Getting to St Tropez by Air

Nice airport is the closest and busiest airport for St Tropez with the most routes. It is the second busiest airport in France after Paris with almost ten million passengers passing through last year.
Dusk over the Golfe de St Tropez

There are daily direct flights from North, South and Central Europe as well as North Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Canada connceting the French Riviera with the rest of the world.

Once you arrive in Nice then the airport is located right on the edge of the city centre from where you can access buses, trains and boats that will take you towards St Tropez. Other airports that are within driving distance are Marseille, Toulon, Cannes and Nimes. These airports are smaller so travel is more restrictive or only available to chartered or private planes. There is also the Aeroport International Saint Tropez located 15km from Saint Tropez town which accommodates private and business planes and helicopter transfers. You'll find contact details for all these airports in the RG directory under Saint Tropez.

Getting to St Tropez by Rail

Saint Tropez town does not have a rail link itself. The nearest train station is at Saint Raphael but there is a bus link from the station that will take you to St Tropez.
relaxing in the sprintime sun, St Tropez
To get to the region in which St Tropez rests from further afield in Europe you will most likely travel through Paris. Paris is the spoke from which most of Frances rail network spans out from so this may be a change point from many destinations, particularly if you are coming from more northern destinations. However if you are travelling on high speed trains from parts of Spain you will also have to connect through Paris. it's best to look online at the train operators before planning your journey.

There are multiple high speed train services that criss cross Europe and knowing which ones operate in which country and between which destinations can be tricky information to find out. There are several online European rail agents who offer help with planning journeys, finding timetables and booking tickets and country passess. Look in the RG Directory, to find the contact details of these sites, in any area section under 'Transport'. Read on for more local information.

Getting to St Tropez by Road

The road network in France is exceptionally good and easy to navigate. Destinations are always very clearly signposted and, no matter how small the village or town, the signposting never drops off leaving you stranded.
St Tropez road
There are a few tips that may help make your journey a little bit easier. The motorways are signposted in blue and marked with 'Peage' where they are tolled while the national routes are marked with green signs and these routes, while slower, are free.

It is better to navigate using place names rather than road numbers alone and also to know the names of the small local towns (white signs) as well as the more major cities (green or blue signs) that you will be passing through en route. This way you should be able to navigate very easily as every junction is usually well signposted.

The motorways have excellent facilities with frequent services and stop areas with toilets but the fuel prices are at a premium here. Local supermarket prices are often the cheapest option and taking breaks off the motorway help to break up the journey.

Saint Tropez is off the A8 motorway, exit at the "Cannet des Maures" junction if you are travelling from the direction of Marseille, continue along the D558 for 38 km following signs for St Tropez. If you are coming from the direction of Nice, exit at the " Le Muy" junction and continue on the D25 for 40 km.

Getting to St Tropez by Sea

This is not a part of France that is well serviced by Ferries from other countries, even neighbouring ones and this part of the Mediterranean is given over to pleasure cruising and leisure water activities.
Arriving in style, St Tropez
Commercial Ferry lines operate into and out of the Northern and Western parts of France, Le Harve, Calais, Cherbourg for example. From there you will either have to drive or take the train south in the direction of Nice. However, travelling by boat is still one of the best ways to reach St Tropez. See below for more local information once you hit the French Riviera.

Getting around St Tropez

Once you are there

South of France cars
Tip: share with as many people as you can
Share the Taxi, share the cost. Or look at hiring a car, it will be cheaper if you are making a return trip.

St. Tropez by taxi

Yes, some people do use Taxis to reach Saint Tropez from Nice airport despite it being almost 100km away or 60 miles approximately. It is not a fare that will come cheap however and you can expect to pay from €220-€260 depending on what time of day or night it is.

The journey should take about one and a half hours but Saint Tropez is renowned for its traffic problems, especially in the high season. The reality is that you may sit in the car for anything up to three hours.

St. Tropez by bus

The bus services in the South of France are all very regular and they have tried to make all their pricing structures very clear and simple. However getting to Saint Tropez via the bus is not the easiest thing to do and involves a transfer at Saint Raphael.

Buses leave from Nice airport to St Raphael, the journey takes one hour and fifteen minutes and costs €21.20. From there you can catch another bus to Saint Tropez, it will take one hour and ten minutes and will cost a further €10.10.
Street life in St Tropez port
Tip: Travel in daylight
Once you get off the motorway, the drive to St Tropez, around the Golfe, is gorgeous and worth seeing.

relaxing in the sprintime sun, St Tropez
Tip:Check timetables online
Check on European rail sites in your own language as there is no English translation on the French

St. Tropez by train

There is no rail link from Nice airport but the bus leaves from outside the arrivals hall. It is a short hop into Nice Ville but make sure that you ask for Nice Gare for the train station stop. The fare is €2.30

There is also no rail link to Saint Tropez town and the nearest train station, direct from Nice, is Saint Raphael Valescure. The journey should take you about one hour and cost €11. From there you will have to take another bus, which go from outside the station, taxi or boat to reach Saint Tropez town itself.

St. Tropez by car

As Saint Tropez is situated out on a peninsula it means that access to it is very restricted. This is both a hindrance and a blessing. The A8 motorway is the main arterial road through the area. At this point it no longer follows the line of the coast leaving Saint Tropez out on a limb as such.

The junction number off the A8 is 36 and is signposted for Le Muy and Draguignan. The N98 leads you down to the coast and follows a very pretty drive around the Golf de Saint Tropez. From Nice airport the journey can take anything from one and half hours to two and half hours.
We wish, exotic machines in St Tropez
Tip: Avoid peak travel times
Traffic in St Tropez is heavy during the summer, there's no way around it. Try and travel earlier or later than everyone else or use two wheels.

Tourist Ferry based in St Tropez
Tip: rent a boat for the day
It doesn't have to be a superyacht, club together with some mates, hire a boat for the day and explore the Golfe de St Tropez at your leisure.

St. Tropez by sea

Saint Tropez Port has 800 berths, over two marinas for boats up to 60metres long. If you have your own or are chartering a yacht then you will need to contact the Capitanerie. Find all the contact details in the RG directory under Saint Tropez.

For the rest of us mere mortals, do not fear, the high seas are still open to us too. There are several companies offering excursions around the coast for very reasonable money. You can get to Saint Tropez by boat from Nice, Cannes and Saint Maxime and Saint Raphael between May and November. Prices from Nice start at about €40 euro and the journey takes about 1h30. Consult the RG directory for contact details.

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Saint Tropez ferry services

Getting to St Tropez is one of those questions that is easier asked than answered. In fact the prohibitive nature of getting to Saint Tropez is perhaps one of the reasons that it has remained such a prestige destination on the French Riviera.

Unless you have your own super sleek Ferrari then getting to St Tropez is a hike on trains, buses and on foot. Going by boat is one of the most pleasant ways to do it and sure beats the trek by train, followed by bus from Saint Raphael. There are ferries to St Tropez from Monaco, Nice, Cannes and St Raphael during the summer months. They are operated by individual companies but they have their own ticket desks usually located port side in any of the above towns.

For ferries from Cannes to Saint Tropez check out Trans Cote d'Azur on line. Tickets are around €40 return for adults and the journey time is 1hour 15minutes.

For ferries to Saint Tropez from Saint Raphael find Bateaux de Saint Raphael on line for journey information. Tickets are around €23 per adult for return journeys. There is a rail link at St Raphael which makes things a bit easier.

The ferry services usually operate only in the summer months but some have extended services through until the end of October.

Sunset Sky over St Tropez
Tip: Share with friends
As with a taxi, the helicopters can seat up to five people so plan to go with friends to share the cost.

St. Tropez by air

This is by far the most glamourous and stress free way to arrive into Saint Tropez. The journey takes just twenty minutes from Nice airport and offers stunning views over the coastline. It is quite expensive with journeys costing in the region of €620 - €790 per journey depending on which company you travel with and how many people are flying. Even still on a price per passenger basis it compares favourably with travelling by taxi at €260 per person.

Renting holiday Accommodation in St Tropez

However you choose to get yourself to St Tropez once you have arrived you will be looking for somewhere to stay. Choose a luxury holiday villa or a modest rental apartment, whichever suits your style and budget. To browse through the summer vacation rentals in St Tropez listed on our site then simply use the search facility below or click on 'Browse Rentals' in the menu bar.

« Where is St Tropez Why visit St Tropez »
French Riviera » St Tropez » La Garde Freinet
85 sq.m. House #1212
French Riviera > St Tropez > La Garde Freinet > Le Grand Gîte
8 Photos
Price/night: [?]
Per person (x4):
tranquil, traditional, swimming pool
A nature lover's paradise, this comfortable property sleeps 4 and has its own outdoor dining and seating area and also benefits from a swimming pool, laundry facilities and private parking, shared with the 3 neighbouring cottages.
French Riviera » St Tropez » Ramatuelle
520 sq.m. Villa #0119
French Riviera > St Tropez > Ramatuelle > Villa St Tropez Beach
32 Photos
Price/night: [?]
Per person (x14):
sea view, swimming pool, beachfront
This villa is a beautiful 5 bedroom 5 bathroom villa in St Tropez. Just a few minutes from the town of St Tropez and the village of Ramatuelle, this is the perfect vacation villa rental for the beaches of St. Tropez.
French Riviera » St Tropez » Ramatuelle
95 sq.m. Villa #0876
French Riviera > St Tropez > Ramatuelle > Jasmine Villa Ramatuelle, St Tropez
6 Photos
Price/night: [?]
Per person (x4):
swimming pool, tranquil, city centre
This beautifully presented villa with private pool is in the hilltop village of Ramatuelle. Just minutes from the sandy beaches of St Tropez while enjoying the lush woods and vineyards surrounding you this holiday rental offers you so much.
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