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How to get to Eze Village

" wonders who suspended it like that, if it's inhabited, by which way could you board it, and how, once you have entered it, it remains possible to leave it." - Stéphen Liégeard 1887 - writer and poet who first coined the phrase 'Cote d'Azur'.

For information on how to get to Eze Village from far flung destinations such as the USA, the Middle East and the rest of Europe then please look up 'How to get to the Corniches' or 'How to get to Nice'. The information below will tell you where Eze village is, how far it is from the airport and other towns and what are the best ways to get to Eze Village once you are in the South of France.

getting around Eze Village

Coming into land in Nice
Tip: Treat yourself to a helicopter transfer.
Well worth the experience even if it's not direct to your holiday villa.

Eze Village by air

Nice Cote d'Azur International airport is 18km west of Eze and it takes about 30 minutes to drive to by car. There are daily flights from all major airline carriers from the far corners of the world.

There are also helicopter airlines with scheduled flights and available for private charter. The closest scheduled flights will leave you in Monaco which is 6 km away from Eze. Prices for scheduled trips are about €100 per person one way.

Eze by taxi

If you arrive into Nice Cote D'Azur airport there is a Taxi rank just outside the door of the arrivals halls of both terminal one and terminal two. It is not the cheapest way to travel on the French Riviera and locals do not use the cabs in the same manner as say Londoners or New Yorkers. Prices will vary depending on the time of night and the amount of luggage you have but you can expect to pay between €45 and €55 to get to Eze. Local operators are available once you are in Eze.
Local Taxi number in South of France
Agree your fare before you leave.
It's always a good idea and prevents unpleasant shocks.

Thinking of visiting Eze Village with friends or family? Help them out by sharing this information.

Waiting for the train on the Cote d'Azur, France
Tip:don't confuse Eze and Eze sur Mer
The village is not accessible by train and it's a long and steep hike if you end up doing it on foot. To be avoided with luggage.

Eze Village by Train

The train only runs along the seafront at this point of the coast. The nearest stop to Eze village is Eze-sur-Mer but it is then a taxi ride or bus trip to Eze village. It is an 11km drive by road despite being only 2.5km from each other. The train is the least accessible way to get to the village and means an extra journey to arrange once you get to the other end. Trains run until midnight and there are summer tickets available for better fares. Look online for Carte Isabel during the summer months or ask at the main stations for ticket offers. Buses remain the most economical way to travel and in this case better than the trains.

Eze by bus

There are several buses and operators that work between Nice, Eze and Monaco. The bus company RCA operate the line 112 between Nice-Eze Village-Monaco/Beausoleil.

Ligne d'Azur operate the route number 82 between Nice and Eze Village and also the route number 83 Between Eze Bord de Mer and Eze Village, providing a link with the train station on the seafront and the village. You will need to consult timetables as the buses run at different times and with hourly gaps.
Buses on the French Riviera
Buy a book of tickets
The fares are a standard €1 everywhere but a book of tickets saves looking for change at every trip.

Buses on the Cote d'Azur

You will find that there are a few different operators that provide services either in towns or intercity and also inter departmental, ie that travel between the Alpes Maritime(06) and the Var(83) regions of the South of France.

As non locals it is difficult to know who the operators are or to even guess at the obtuse acronyms that may be given to the line operator. This makes it difficult to find out information online or to navigate through the downloadable timetable pdfs. One of the simplest sites to use is in fact Nice International airport site and click on 'access'.

You will also find the contacts for the main operators in our 'RG Directory'. Click on 'Nice-Transport-Trains and Buses' to find information.

Having said all this the buses, once you are here, are very easy to use with the stops clearly named, numbered and marked and with good information provided at the main bus station in Nice called Gare Routiere between Boulevard General Leclerc and Boulevard Jean Jaurés.

Roads criss crossing the moutain slopes in the South of France
Tip:Take the Grand Corniche in the high season
It's the hardest to find, the quietest to drive and the most glorious to look down from.

Eze Village by Road

Eze Village is accessed by the Moyenne Corniche (RN7) which is one of three Corniche roads that lead out of Nice and run parallel to the coast at different elevations.

The nearest motorway exit is Junction 57 off the A8 motorway sign posted for La Turbie and look for the D45 that links La Turbie and Eze Village. Coming from the direction of Italy you look for the Monaco exit and follow signs for Eze Village on the Moyenne Corniche. The routes are all signposted very well and it is not difficult to drive.

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