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Why visit Eze sur Mer

Earliest Eze

The earliest traces of habitation in the area around Eze dates back to the neolithic era, 2000BC. Evidence of 'Castellaras', thought to be stone forts or perhaps a burial ground, are to be found on Mont Bastide some 567metres above sea level overlooking the coast line at Eze-sur-Mer.

The area was occupied by the ancient Romans as they swept through this part of France en route to conquering the rest of Europe. It is suggested that the name Eze came about during this era when the Emperor Antoninus Pius gives mention to the Port Avisio or Avisionis, in the bay of St Laurent de Eze, in the recordings of his maritime route.

Legend also suggests that the Phoenicians erected a temple in Eze to honour the Goddess Isis but, without much to substantiate the claim, the real truth remains buried in the passage of time.

What is undoubted however, is that the area we now know as Eze-sur-Mer was fully utilised by the Romans during their time as a port of shelter along the salt route and also a place of respite with baths for relaxation.
Homage to things past, Eze-sur-Mer, France
times past
Sheltered sea in Eze-sur-Mer, France
quiet water
So near and yet so far, Eze village, France
Sheltered port of call, Eze-sur-Mer, France

Fearful times

The area suffered the same fate as the rest of the region during medieval times when a period of unrest, violence and fear caught the people in its grip and threatened the very existence of many of the local tribes.

There were constant attacks by barbarians and moors with the local people savaged, killed or sold into slavery. It was during this era that the villages took shape as defensive fortified towers that remain today, such a picturesque landscape and yet in their time representative of terror and survival.

Life was very difficult for the people of the time as they coped with invasion, constant threat of attack and the everyday struggle just to stay alive and feed themselves.

Lost eras for Eze sur Mer

It was dangerous for people to live outside the protective walls of the villages. For many of the local towns the flat coastal plains were used as farming grounds but in the case of Eze the village was too high and too far away.

Instead the villagers terraced the steep slopes immediately around the village and planted them with fig, citrus and olive trees and populated them with goats to sustain the population.

The coastline of Eze-sur-Mer would have simply been too perilous to inhabit and mention of it slips from the history books until times became more settled.

The situation all along the coast had to be dealt with as the people lived in constant fear and a deal was struck with affluent Genoan families to help.

In exchange for land and trade agreements the ruling families brought the region under their protectorate and, with their armies and families, settled the area through the middle ages.
Beauty springs from inhospitality, Eze, France
safe harbour, Eze-sur-Mer, France
In the cradle of the mountains nestles Eze-sur-Mer, France
Mountains to the back, sea to the front, Eze-sur-Mer
The only battle that remained was between the French and the Italians with the outcome only finally being settled in the middle of the 1800's.

In the meantime the tourist industry had kicked off as wealthy Europeans toured the world. Eze-sur-Mer had a new found glory as a quiet and beautiful respite from the busy shores of Nice's Promenade. Shaded by pine trees this pretty strip of coast began it's charge to exclusivity, where it has remained ever since.

Renting holiday accommodation in Eze-sur-Mer

If you would like to find out more about staying on the tranquil shores of Eze-sur-Mer for your holiday then please contact us. We have stunning locations right on the beach for a perfect summer vacation. To see what is available then please use the search facility below or click on 'Browse Rentals' in the main menu to see all our holiday villas and rental apartments throughout the Riviera.
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French Riviera » The Corniches » Eze-Bord de Mer
230 sq.m. Villa #1034
French Riviera > The Corniches > Eze-Bord de Mer > Eze Panoramic Sea View Villa
15 Photos
Price/night: [?]
Per person (x6):
sea view, tranquil, swimming pool
This beautiful villa is situated just minutes from Eze Beach. With stunning panoramic sea views, this villa has wonderful outside space with a beautiful private swimming pool and large terrace, all surrounded by colourful Mediterranean greenery.
French Riviera » The Corniches » Eze-Bord de Mer
130 sq.m. Apartment #0269
French Riviera > The Corniches > Eze-Bord de Mer > Eze Beach Apartments
13 Photos
Price/night: [?]
Per person (x4):
sea view, tranquil, beachfront
Super apartment, thank you SO much! Who could have thought that Bono's house was on the same beach and we actually saw him one evening playing with The Edge in one of the beach restaurants.
- David Coupe
This amazing apartment is on the beach, and not just any beach. It's a veritable playground with Eze marina to one side and wonderful bars and restaurants on the other where the celebrities and the world's 'Glitterati' hang out all summer long.
French Riviera » The Corniches » Eze-Bord de Mer
60 sq.m. Apartment #0967
French Riviera > The Corniches > Eze-Bord de Mer > Eze Seaview Apartment
9 Photos
Price/night: [?]
Per person (x2):
tranquil, beachfront, sea view
This romantic 1 bed apartment is situated on the beach in Eze Bord de Mer. this is a superb, newly decorated apartment that has outstanding views from its private terrace, the views and the sea will take your breath away.
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